Baileys Roasted or Toasted

Toasted Roasted

with Baileys S’mores

It’s time to fire things up this season with a debate. What’s the best way to enjoy a s’mores marshmallow? “Roasters” swear a burnt, flame-crisped marshmallow is the way to do it while “Toasters” say a light and golden is best. With Baileys S’mores Liqueur, the indulgent take on this cherished summer treat, help us settle the debate once and for all.

Are you Team Roast or Team Toast?

Baileys S'mores bottle with two S'morestini cocktails on a table

Which team are you?

Entering the debate is treat enthusiast and visionary culinary entrepreneur, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, who is now on the quest to find the perfect way to enjoy your S’mores. Made with the award-winning Baileys S’mores Liqueur, Brooklyn has created two cocktail recipes to help you choose your side.

Baileys S’mores Liqueur delivers the delicious flavors of marshmallow, sweet graham crackers and rich chocolate in every sip, making it easier than ever to enjoy the season’s quintessential treat – no campfire skills required!

A glass of Baileys Roasted S'morestini with a bottle of Baileys S'mores
Two glasses of Baileys Toasted S'morestini with a bottle of Baileys S'mores

Must be 21+

BAILEYS Irish Cream Liqueur. 17% Alc/Vol. Imported by Paddington, Ltd., New York, NY